Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Time is Coming!

Hey there folks!  Welcome to our first blog post for  We hope that this will be a valuable resource for readers who wish to learn more about weather patterns in the midwest and southern United States, and how to successfully protect themselves in a storm.

Spring time is quickly arriving here in the Ozarks as we suspect it is with the rest of our blessed nation.  With the upcoming season, every year we expect to experience wicked storms that will pummel through the landscape.  Not every storm brings with it hail, strong winds, and the threat of a tornado, but for many, that is what they experience.

As one bit of advice to put out there in this first post, it is important to know your surroundings and your safety options at all times.  In the midwest, it is important to be aware that storms will bring with them the possibility of heavy wind and possibly a tornado.  Knowing where to take shelter in the event of one of these strong supercell thunderstorms is of the utmost importance.

We will go into detail in future posts your options for taking shelter.  In the meantime, please keep checking back, and we look forward to connecting with you on our Facebook page or thru our Google+ page.